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Terroir and Grape Varieties

The Layon : a great terroir and exceptional surroundings for the vine

The Layon straddles two great geological entities of the Anjou region : the Armorican basin on the west and the Parisian basin on the east.

This geological rift shaped stiffed hills landscapes facing south allowing very good conditions for vine farming. The vineyard also benefits from a nutritive soil composed of schist, clay and silica. In the region, we call it the ‘Black Layon’.

However, the terroir would mean nothing without weather conditions. The weather in Anjou is oceanic and temperate. Famous writers Joachim du Bellay and Julien Gracq called it ‘the mildness of Angers’.

The geological rift, the Loire and natural barriers formed by the north mountains of the Mauges ; they all contribute to the creation of a very specific microclimate where rainfalls are weak and sunshine stronger than the regional average.

In october and november, this very same sunshine paired with wet mists allow the growth of noble rot on grapes or « botrytis cinerea ». This well known rot develops on the grapes in a parasitic way. This disease concentrates the sugar into the grapes and distills specific aromas to the wines.

Terroir and nature contribute directly in the conception of white, red and Rosé wines of Anjou.


Chenin, Sauvignon and many other grape varieties on our vineyard

Producing wine is a subtle alchemy between the terroir and the winemakers’ skills. The grape variety is not only the physical expression of vine plants and grapes. It is way more than this. It is the core ingredient of the aforesaid alchemy exalted by the winemakers’ talent. Wines with soul stem from a great terroir, a great grape variety and a great winemaker.

In Anjou, many grape varieties enter the composition of designated wines : Cabernet, Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Chenin, Grolleau and Gamay.

The Coteaux du Layon wines, famous sweet white wines of our region, are produced exclusively from Chenin. This grape variety is native to our region. Here, we also call it ‘Pineau de la Loire’.

The red grape varieties Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon will give aromatic and full-bodied wines. We vinify two wines with these grape varieties : our red Anjou and red Anjou-Villages.

For the Rosés, we blend different grape varieties. It results fruity and refreshing wines you will love to drink before having dinner with friends on mild summer nights. The famous Cabernet d’Anjou, considered by many as one of the best Rosé of France, is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc.

Our white and Rosé sparkling wines are made out of red and white grape varieties : Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Grolleau and Chenin. These colored sparkling wines are the perfect match for festive moments with friends or family.


Great walks around our region and terroir !

A great network of 20 hiking trails from 2 to 10 miles crosses the Coteaux du Layon region. An incredible way to discover our beautiful landscapes and our local heritage.

We would suggest you to hike the 10 miles trail that crosses the vines around our hometown Champ-Sur-Layon. You can do it by foot, in bicycle, in couple or family. This trail passes right next to our vineyard so you could stop and meet Pierre-Antoine and Agnes for a wine tasting.

We also have a guesthouse in our domain is also certified Gîte de France (Guesthouse)

We will be happy to welcome you for turistic journeys and oenological discoveries.

Also, each year the « Translayon » hikes are organised. For one week, local heritage hikes are organised around food, wine, music and friendliness. Not to be missed !