A perfect wine for sunny summer days, this rosé will win you over with its deep “onion skin” colour. This a semi-sweet wine (with unfermented residual sugar) can be drunk as much as an aperitif as during the meal. It is a perfect accompaniment to a food as it plays on the sweet and sour aspects of a dish. Following 6 to 10 hours of maceration, part of the juice is drawn off into another vat for alcoholic maceration. This is called the saignée (literally bleeding). Once the fermentation is completed, the wine rests on the lees before being assembled, filtered and bottled after six months. The harvest, under the golden October sun, was limited to 50 hectolitres/ hectare. This Rosé deserves a special place in the world of wine. It is very difficult to make, and requires all the winemaker’s knowhow to bring out its full character. It must be soft, refreshing, and fruity, and if you want to take another glass without even thinking about it then I’ve my job well!