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Vin liquoreux du Coteaux du Layon - Vins de Loire

Coteaux du Layon

AOC Liquoreux

Produced from the very last sortings of november 2010, this Noble Grapes sélection is likely to be one of the richest ever harvested at La Viaudière.
Think about it : potential of almost 23° alc. at harvesting stage ! A great liquorous wine which took the most out of an exceptional weather, raisining and botrytis cinerea for noble rot. You will love its incredible length along with wide quince, honey and vanilla aromas. Still, the final touch is intense thanks to its singular and graceful minerality.
I would recommend you to have it while starting the dinner with foie-gras toasts or blue cheese. A pure delicacy.

Grape Variety


Serve with

Fish, Seafood, white meats or poultry

Service Temperature



20 years and more


13,50% vol.

Maximum yield

25 hL/ha