Our Loire vineyard, at the heart of “Coteaux du Layon”

Our city Champ-sur-Layon is bordered at the north by the Layon, a small tributary of the Loire The Layon was transformed into a canal in the 16th century to facilitate the transport of sweet regional wines to Holland.

The town and 33 hectares of our vineyard are part of the designation “Coteaux du Layon“, famous since ages for its sweet white wines production.

The Coteaux du Layon designation (AOC) covers 1400 ha of vineyards on a total of twenty seven towns all located at the south of Angers. Château de la Viaudière produces two Coteaux du Layon AOC wines. Both exceptionals with delicate aromas of honey and candied fruits.

These sweet wines are a true pleasure to drink with foie gras, blue cheeses or fruit desserts.