History of the Château de la Viaudière

The Château de la Viaudière overlooks the Layon hills between Champlain-sur-Layon and Valanjou since the 16th century.

This beautiful bourgeois dwelling has been a family property since it was built. The vineyard started growing in the 1930s.

The Gelineau family are winegrowers from generation to generation. The Château’s specialties are the production of sweet and dessert wines from Coteaux du Layon, red, white and rosé Anjou wines and Crémants de Loire (sparkling Loire Wines).

Nowadays, the destiny of Château de La Viaudière is taken in charge by Pierre-Antoine Giovannoni. Since 2000, he follows the steps of his father-in-law Olivier Gelineau, after studying viticulture and oenology. He works vineyard combining respect of the tradition of the wines of the Loire Valley and modernity in the methods of winemaking, reaching for ever more quality and emotions.

Pierre-Antoine takes the best out of the most from typical grape varieties of our vineyard such as Chenin or Cabernet Sauvignon to the most confidential ones like Grolleau.

Passionate about his terroir and Loire wines, Pierre-Antoine enjoys welcoming visitors and share his profession and knowledge of independent winegrower. His wife Agnes (daughter of Olivier Gelineau) joined him in 2012.
Agnes takes care of the vines but also welcomes visitors in our cellar and on exhibitions.

With Pierre-Antoine and Agnes the family history carries on at the Château de la Viaudière.