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Gamay Coteaux du Layon - Vins de Loire

Coteaux du Layon

AOC Moelleux

Following 3 successive late harvests between 15 October and 12 November, this wine comes from the 3rd and 4th passes at the beginning of November. Thanks to the action of botrytis on the Chenin grapes, which were harvested at 18 % vol., this vintage giving us a sweet wine which is soft and fruity with hints of quince, pineapple and litchi, with a touch of acidity in the aftertaste bringing a welcome note of freshness. I would recommend drinking this at the beginning of a meal to whet your appetite.

Grape Variety


Serve with

It is excellent with foie gras, and can be taken with a (not too sweet) dessert.

Service Temperature



Can be kept for over 20 years. Full balance towards 1-2 years


12,00% vol.

Maximum yield

35 hL/ha